My focus is sharp, my most arresting media is black and white and my most effective lighting is stark. Deliberate and precise, I study objects and space from a distance – there I take time to measure and compose. However, my most satisfying results require me to see the gap and capture it quickly before it closes. The results of my work might be described as moody or haunted, populated by shadow and tied together by the question, “what happened here?” I see the detritus of our existence where the lingering heat of human presence has, or is, quickly dissipating. Mostly I see anticipation, potential and anxiety. My art wrestles with capturing effectively that uncertain edge between hope and fear.

My primary subject over the last decade or so has been the space between. I use architecture and urban landscapes, and natural landscape to explore dynamic, temporary vacancy. These gaps range from the abandoned space created from departed cafe patrons or a bicycle path after a rainstorm, to the desolate space that is often a by-product of dramatic weather or time of day. Densely packed cities and architecture are hard places to find isolation if not focusing the lens on the dispossessed.

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