January 2, 2014 · Film Photography

Social media often gets a bad rap as a necessary evil, but thanks – specifically to Twitter – I have discovered a global film photography community I couldn’t have engaged with otherwise.  Not sure how I stumbled upon this group of film fanatics, the Film Shooters Collective, but between Tumblr and FB we came together…

December 9, 2013 · Film Photography, Polaroid
Stormy Fall Day

Our amazing summer weather continued on into early fall, which meant more time to play with my new Spectra and the Impossible Project film. Camera: Polaroid Spectra SE  Film: Color – Impossible PZ680/B&W – Impossible PZ 600 Silver Shade Cool              

July 22, 2013 · Film Photography, Polaroid, Seattle
polaroid abstract

My love for instant film continues into the summer, especially since I purchased my own Polaroid Spectra SE.  Longer days and warmer temperatures seem to be the perfect fit for polaroid. Camera: Polaroid Spectra Pro/Polaroid Spectra SE  Film: Color – Impossible PZ680