Fun with Polaroid – spring 2013 edition

April 15, 2013 · Film Photography, Polaroid

Maybe it has something to do with more light and warmer temperatures, but this is the second spring in a row where I’ve felt compelled to play with a Polaroid camera. Last year I finally broke out the Polaroid back for my Mamiya.  This year I’ve had a friend’s Spectra Pro to play with after buying a few boxes of Impossible film – which is not cheap!   Yes, one of the challenges of using a Polaroid camera is the amount of money you will have to put out for film whether it’s Impossible or expired.  Or as someone pointed out to me,  ‘Polaroids were never a cheap habit to begin with even when they were still making them.’

The same reason I enjoy playing with Polaroids is why I also like to use plastic cameras: I’m still throwing a little caution to the wind in regards to the end product.  I recently had the Spectra with me at work and ran into a colleague who looked at my camera and said, “why would you waste your time with a Polaroid camera when you can do the same thing with Instagram?”  Which brings me back, once again, to the many reasons why I like using film.  For me it’s not about instant gratification, though you could argue that a Polaroid is about as instant as it gets.  It’s not controlled instant though.  Sure I could scan these Polaroids and play with them in Photoshop to pretty them up, but what’s the point?   The beauty of Polaroids – much like printing in a darkroom – is the waiting and anticipating for how the image turns out.  In some cases it’s blah and in others…it’s wow!  Sure, I could use Instagram, but I prefer to stick with instant film for now.

Camera: Polaroid Spectra Pro   Film: Color – Impossible PZ680, B&W: Impossible PZ 600 Silver Shade Cool


Secret door002


Shadows - Ballard




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  1. Those are really gorgeous. I like the middle one the most.

  2. Shannon… Very much like these images. They are soft but sumptuous! Beautiful light…

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