My Dalliance with Polaroid

May 9, 2012 · Uncategorized

One of the best things about the total deal I got on my Mamiya 645Pro was the polaroid back that was included.  I figured at some point I’d buy some polaroid film and try it out, but it wasn’t until I moved to Seattle and discovered Rare Medium (a store/gallery that specializes in all things polaroid) that I actually took the plunge.  Granted, the Polaroid back means my Mamiya is bulkier than usual and thus not as easy to carry around, but I love the results so far.  Peeling back the polaroid film is almost as cool as seeing an image appear in a developer bath.

Camera: Mamiya 645Pro with Polaroid Back  Film: FP-100C

Spring, Capitol Hill


Publix Hotel, Seattle


No Trespassing, Capitol Hill

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  1. Have you tried bleaching the negative and scanning that? Or other negative scans?

  2. No, but I might have to try that. Wonder too if there’s something in photoshop that would achieve that ‘look?’ btw…thank you for all your comments.

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