LA Riots – 20th Anniversary

April 29, 2012 · Uncategorized

I remember clearly where I was when the riots first began.  I was working in a high-rise in West Hollywood and someone who was listening to the radio mentioned that some fires were burning in South Central LA.  I went over to the window, looked south and saw several columns of black smoke dotting the landscape.  I felt myself getting teary.  What was happening to my hometown?  Fires, rioting, people getting pulled out of their cars and beat up, dawn to dusk curfews, the national guard… LA isn’t Beirut?!?

I went to stay at my parents since I wasn’t living very far from Koreatown at the time (which was soon to be assaulted).  What I remember is the silence in the streets at night.  Anyone who has ever lived in Los Feliz – or driven  through it – knows that Los Feliz Blvd. is a freeway day and night.   Once a curfew was in place it was so quiet, it was eerie.

I went out to photograph the aftermath once the violence had died down. I wish I had shot more than one roll of film.  Camera: Konica T3, Film: T-Max



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