Dublin Contemporary 2011

September 26, 2011 · Uncategorized

When I saw I was going to be in London for a wedding the week before the start of Dublin Contemporary I knew I was going to have to make the journey across the Irish Sea. Having attended the Venice Biennale and Art Basel Miami I was intrigued by Dublin’s contribution to international art fairs (though they call themselves ‘Ireland’s international art exhibition’).  I was not disappointed.  Unlike the Venice Biennale which focuses on more well known names and Art Basel Miami which has a blend of both (with a big focus on parties), the Dublin Contemporary was made up of mostly unfamiliar names – at least to me.  Bravo to the curators for their choices – it was easily one of the best exhibitions I’ve been to in ages.  I’m already looking forward to Dublin Contemporary 2012.  A few of the highlights:

Jeanne Susplugas

Jim Lambie


Teresa Margolles


Monica Bonvicini


Wilfredo Prieto

Braco Dimitrijević

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  1. Hi there, lovely photos!
    Here’s the names you are missing..
    1: Jeanne Susplugas
    5: Wilfredo Prieto

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