August Break and Blog Changes

August 2, 2011 · Inspiration, Oakland, Uncategorized

Here we are in August where there’s hardly a sign that summer is in full bloom thanks to the foggy San Francisco Bay weather.  There may not be much change in the weather, but there are some major changes to my website and blog.  Thanks to the fabulous Susanne Friedrich I now have a redesigned website that incorporates my blog. The other change is a shift from the film focus of Entre Chien et Loup to a focus on photography in general.  I’m absolutely NOT abandoning film – it will still be my main focus – but I finally decided to take a walk down the digital path and am a proud owner of a Nikon D7000.

Finally, like last year,  I am participating (hopefully more successfully) in Susannah Conway’s August Break – an opportunity to take time to stop and really look around at my world…and then share an image every day.  This will definitely help get me in regular photography mode which I’ll need when I head off to London and Ireland at the end of the month.  My first photo of August is of the fantastic murals currently being created a few blocks away from me.

Digital, Nikon D7000

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