A Holga walks through Oakland

August 29, 2011 · Holga, Oakland

More shots with my Holga as I explore Oakland – from near Jack London Square to the port and in between. Camera: Holga 120N, Film: Ilford 100 Delta Pro


Oakland's Cranes



4 Responses to “A Holga walks through Oakland”

  1. Some lovely shots, also kudos on not getting stabbed. I always thought Oakland was on the rougher side of SanFran.

    • Thank for the comments Simon. Actually Oakland has changed quite a bit in the past few years – very artsy fartsy in sections. Reminds me a bit of Brooklyn. Still some rough sections though…like Brooklyn.

  2. HI Shannon!
    Love the way you see the beautiful in everything…great photos

    • Thank you Yael. Such a lovely thought…I need to put that in my journal because I hadn’t realized that before.

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